Dive in memory of Christos Barouchas

chris sized62013 marks 10 years since the tragic death of co-founder of the Hellenic Rescue Team Attica, Christos Baruchas. The old co-volunteer rescuers will hold Sunday, October 6, day of commemoration, a dive in memory of Christos at the underwater well of Vouliagmeni where a warning sign for the well danger,  with his name signing it will be placed.
Those who wish to honor the memory of our beloved  friend, co-volunteer rescuer, teacher, you are welcome to attend and dive with us. The meeting is scheduled for 11:00 am at the 2nd bay of Vouliagmeni, "Limanakia".
Γενική Γραμματεία Πολιτικής Προστασίας
International Maritime Rescue Federation


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