training 1Most people believe that rescue teams are only composed by mountaineers, climbers, divers, lifeguards, whitewater rafters and kayakers, doctors, paramedics and persons with similar interests. That is not true; HRT Attica needs everyone that has the voluntary spirit to offer and devote part of their personal time to help others, regardless of their experience and skills. With continuous training via the mechanisms and processes of our team organization, they will develop all the essential knowledge and skills; to safely provide help.

By participate the internal training program, all new members have the opportunity to evolve into active team members. In brief some of the topics covered in these seminars are: safety in the mountain, Risk management during rescues, empirical meteorology, introduction to first aid, wilderness first aid, casualty care, rescue diving, rescue in white waters, orientation, telecommunications, rescue plan methodologies, technical rope rescue, high angle rescue and confined space rescue, always keeping in mind the basic principle and priority, rescuers safety first.
training 2
HRT Attica continuously works on staying updated on all Search And Rescue developments and advancements in the three areas of interest, and more. Therefore, we monitor and try to participate in trainings, seminars and conferences at national and international level given the economic situation.

In parallel, all team members get trained in theoretical level via seminars, presentations and discussions - taking place at our offices at least twice a month, and practical trainings and exercises, with frequent drills simulating real life scenarios.
Γενική Γραμματεία Πολιτικής Προστασίας
International Maritime Rescue Federation


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